As smartphones start to come with larger and larger displays, moving into phablet territory (the 6.3” monster from Samsung comes into mind), one cannot help but wonder whether the operating system in use should be modified to accommodate the larger visual real estate so that the final user experience would resemble something that is closer to a desktop. Well, the Multi Window View mode that was originally found on the Galaxy Note 2 seems to have caught on among developers over the past few weeks, where they have modded it to include various functionalities such as increasing the mode’s app compatibility, and delivering this feature to other smartphones.

One of the latest versions of this mod would let you move those windows around while resizing them, making the entire experience feel just as though you were working on a desktop. When it comes to this, a stylus would definitely come in handy, as your finger is not too well suited for such a delicate operation of a multiwindow environment.

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