In a bid to quickly address questions posed by voters in Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda together with political opponents, will be using Google+ Hangouts as the preferred tool for a Q&A forum, which will happen on Friday this week. Around 500 questions posed by random Japanese voters have been submitted on Google+ via the hashtag #letstalktopoliticians. The aim here is to help voters understand what the election means for Japan and what issues are at stake.

According to The Wall Street Journal, candidates are given 20 minutes each to address and respond questions mediated by the moderator. Additionally, around five people will be chosen based on their questions to take part in the Hangout. Joining the candidates are representatives from Japan’s political parties. You can watch the event take place live via YouTube, that is if, you’re interested in Japanese politics  Note that then U.S. presidential candidate and now U.S. President Barack Obama used Reddit as a medium to promote his political ideals, in a move to win the elections.

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