Now here is an interesting project that you might just want to check out – the Google Nexus 7 has apparently received a mod which would change the way you look at older hardware – case in point, the Palm Touchstone. Basically, this Palm Touchstone has received a new lease of life in the past, being repurposed in order for it to function with a wide range of Android phones prior, although Rod Whitby of webOS Internals fame decided that this is not good enough, which is why he has whipped up yet another method that will change the way the Touchstone charging mod is used – by having it play nice with the Google Nexus 7.

With the use of a couple of regular phone Touchstone coils (while experimenting with a TouchPad coil at this point in time), Rod has more or less figured out the charging circuit, while the remaining bit would be to assemble everything together like the Avengers. Forget the comic book reference, we have full confidence that Rod will be able to get everything working in due time.

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