Apple has been receiving a fair bit of flack over its Maps software, which ultimately prompted Tim Cook to release an apology on Apple’s website, going as far as recommending alternatives by its competitors. We know that Apple is currently doing everything they can to fix their Maps software, but what exactly is it are they doing? Given that it’s Friday, we guess that you could use some humor as the weekend approaches, and the folks at The Onion, a parody news website, released a video in which they report that Apple is working on fixing its Maps software by rearranging the Earth’s geography! According to Tim Cook (obviously not him), “Apple is committed to providing the best user experience possible, which is why we are working to dismantle the Brooklyn Bridge and put London in Canada.” The Onion goes on to report that Google claims that they are working on a rival Earth that would be “just as you remember it.” Pretty funny stuff! If you guys have a couple of minutes to spare, you should check it out in the video above.

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