link-google-mapsTalk about thinking out of the box – it looks like North Carolina, a state with a restrictive bathroom law, could be worked around through an unofficial resource that will display transgender-friendly bathrooms throughout the state. MIT web designer Emily Rae Waggoner has come up with a Google map which will be able to assist one to hunt down transgender-friendly bathrooms in the state of North Carolina.

Why is such an online map required? Well, that is because a recently enacted law has made it illegal for one to make use of facilities which were not set up to cater for your biological sex. Waggoner is right now receiving submissions from across the state, and she makes good use of social networking in order to show just which particular establishment would welcome folks to use the bathrooms that they would want to, without having to worry two hoots about breaking the current law.

So far, there has been less than a hundred listings as at press time, and do not take this as a kind of encyclopedia of transgender-friendly bathrooms in North Carolina, but rather, as a rough guide. It looks like the custom mapping tools such as Google’s My Maps do have their worth apart from letting you plot the likes of you favorite outdoor trail or food places. Hopefully the map conjured will not lead to a mishap like what we shared yesterday.

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