Here is some news for all of you Nintendo Wii U fans – the TVii service is said to roll out tomorrow, that is, December 20th, but it will sport some major missing pieces for sure. The long awaited cable box/television-controlling TVii for the Wii U will finally be here, but the lack of some major components would definitely deal the TVii service a blow. One of the major “sins” would be the omission is DVR capabilities via TiVo, which means the Wii U cannot function as a DVR. Apart from that, Netflix is another vital cog of the puzzle that is missing, although it is not too much of a concern as the Wii U already supports Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus for the better part of one month.

So far, it seems that the default TV remote feature is something to look forward to considering it does seem to be quite the effective method to control your TV’s inputs, or volume, and there is also a user friendly wheel-like control panel for TVii that makes it a snap to pick up channels in a jiffy in addition to accessing other functions. Are you looking out for TVii tomorrow?

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