If you ever wanted to cash out your free points, now would be the right time to do so, especially when you consider that the Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Digital Promotion website has now gone live. Just in case you are new to the whole thing and want to get your bearings sorted out, do you remember the slew of digital games that you picked up on your 32GB Nintendo Wii U? Well, doing so would have helped you pick up virtual points along the way, and now that the time is ripe for the chickens to come home to roost, you are able to cash out those collected virtual points in return for some virtual currency.

This is done via Nintendo’s “Deluxe Digital Promotion” website, where all you need to do is sign in using your Nintendo Network ID, go through the standard issue terms of service agreement business, and you’re good to go. The ratio of dollars to points is 10:1, meaning a game that burnt a $14.99 hole in your pocket would translate to 149 points. Each 500 points that you “achieve” can then be cashed out for $5 (or £5 or €5, depending on where you reside) for your kind action.

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