geforce-experienceNVIDIA has released its GeForce Experience application to 10,000 early users. Some of you may recall that back in April, NVIDIA revealed this application that optimizes PC games graphics (and physics) settings to increase image quality, performance – or both. GeForce experience also checks for the latest drivers, which are often critical for performance.

The idea came from data that NVIDIA gathered: 80% of PC gamers just use the games’ out-of the-box graphics settings without tweaking them optimally for their specific configuration. This often leads to sub-optimal image quality and sometime poor performance.When it comes to graphics settings, most people think of the obvious resolution and detail settings, and it may seem a bit weird that gamers don’t tweak those but apparently, that’s the case. But, beyond those very basic settings, there are a lot of things that can make a difference, from anti-aliasing type, to anisotropic filtering etc… not everyone knows (or want to know) what they are and how they work.

Many assume that gamers always have a PC with super-fast components, but that’s far from true. If you take into account that there are a million possible combinations between CPU, CPU, RAM, Display, etc… finding the optimum settings is much more complex than just adjusting the resolution and a few details settings.

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience app goes a long to address this sub-optimum usage of the hardware, and although it may not be perfect, its suggestions were rather pertinent on the couple of games that I’ve seen it run with.

If you like tweaking your game settings and if you like spending time doing it, you may not be impressed. However, if you want to install a game and run it right away optimally without much of an effort, the GeForce Experience app will be very handy. NVIDIA’s end-game is to make PC gaming as easy as console gaming. This app does not solve all PC gaming problem, but it represents a big step in that direction.

GeForce Experience relies on a database of games for which an “ideal” profile has been created and verified by NVIDIA. This means that not every game will have optimum settings out of the box, but it is likely that most popular games will be supported right away, or fairly quickly.

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