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NVIDIA To Limit Consumer GPU Crypto-Mining Performance, Launches Mining GPUs
The gaming GPU market has been in turmoil during the past months because crypto-miners are snatching all the GPU supplies. This buying surge has created broad discontent among potential GPU buyers who can’t get their hands on the latest NVIDIA GPUs, and definitely not at an “affordable” price.A good example of that is the uproar that followed the recent Zotac post about GPU mining, representing exactly what NVIDIA wants to […]

NVIDIA Reaches Computing Superpower StatusEditor's Pick
It’s official: NVIDIA will acquire ARM from Softbank for $40B in a stock and cash deal that is the largest semiconductor deal I’ve heard of in that industry.

How To Update Your Computer's GPU Drivers
If you have a game that’s glitching or if videos aren’t playing right or displaying properly, there is a good chance that it could be due to your GPU’s drivers being out of date. This guide will show you how to go about updating them manually in case you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

NVIDIA Quadro GV100 Is The First GPU To Support Ray Tracing
NVIDIA had revealed its RTX real-time ray tracing technology at the Game Developers Conference last week. Simply put, the technology has the capability to allow developers and artists to quickly render realistic scenes and thus change the way they work in 3D. The technology required robust graphics cards that NVIDIA hadn’t launched by then but it has rectified that situation today with the launch of its Quadro GV100 graphics processor.


NVIDIA Max-Q Design For Thin Gaming Laptops
Most think of Gaming Laptops as thick and heavy -but powerful- computers. It has been historically true that gaming-capable laptops had to sacrifice mobility and design, for performance, but this time is over thanks to the NVIDIA Max-Q design, which aims at extracting the best performance from the components, but at the most efficient point, thus leaving the notion of “absolute performance” (at any cost) behind.

Apple Now Hiring More People To Work On Its Own Graphics Processor
It had long been rumored that Apple was thinking about moving its graphics processor design in-house and this was finally confirmed officially a couple of weeks ago when the company decided to stop working with UK-based Imagination Technologies which previously worked with Apple on its GPU designs. Now that it has made this decision, Apple has posted GPU-related job listings as it seeks to bring in more talent to work […]

AMD Radeon RX 490 Graphics Card May Be Coming Out Soon
It appears that AMD is in the process of launching a new powerful graphics card in the near future. A listing has been spotted at an online retailer for the AMD Radeon RX 490 graphics card which mentions that it’s going to be released in the second half of this year. We’re already in December so if that really is the case this means that the Radeon RX 490 will […]

Samsung Reportedly Manufacturing NVIDIA's Next-Gen Graphics Processors
A new report out of Korea suggests that Samsung has bagged a big manufacturing contract from one of the leading producers of graphics processors. NVIDIA is a name that requires no introduction, best known for its graphics processors, it’s reported that the company has picked Samsung as a manufacturing partner for its next-generation graphics processors. NVIDIA has previously worked with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for its GPUs.

AMD Radeon Pro SSG Supports 1TB Of Flash Memory On-Board
AMD has surprised the graphics world with a new GPU sporting M.2 slots to accommodate SSD drives to boost the internal storage capacity to 1TB. This is a highly unusual solution for a simple problem: many workstations have to deal with datasets that go beyond the normal VRAM capacity of GPUs. This means that large amounts of data need to be swapped over the PCIe bus, and this situation creates […]

New NVIDIA Titan X Gets 50% More Transistors, $1200 Price (Trailer)
NVIDIA has just announced its new high-end GPU, the (new) Titan X. Obviously, the novelty comes from the new Pascal architecture which is more power-efficient than last year’s Titan X.

NVIDIA Definitely “Not Interested” In Building Smartphones SoCs
At Computex 2016, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang (“Jensen”) has shown the company’s latest products to a small media audience. The products had already been launched in the weeks leading to Computex and we now know that the GeForce GTX 1080 has seen a huge public interest, and that NVIDIA’s foray in deep-learning A.I datacenters will be one of NVIDIA’s fastest-growing business. The most interesting part of this meetup was to […]

ARM Mali G71 Graphics Processor Revealed
At Computex 2016, The ARM Mali line of graphics processors (GPU) is getting a new addition in the high-end. With the Mali G71, ARM introduced a new premium GPU design that can is scalable enough to power handset to laptops In 2011, ~50M chips featured a Mali GPU. This number rose to ~750M units in 2015. Interestingly, 75% of them are used in televisions, 50% in tablets and 40% in […]

GeForce GTX 1080 Gives Amazing Performance, At Consumer Prices
When a new GPU architecture appears on the market, it typically does a few things: First, it will bring a new level of performance. Secondly, it will do it at a better power envelope and finally, it will do so at a much better price/performance ratio.The amplitude of this effect will vary from generation to generation, but it’s fair to say that the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture does this exceptionally […]

Apple Might Acquire The Company That Makes GPUs For iPhone
It has been years since Apple moved its mobile SoC design in-house and from the looks of it, the GPU is next. According to a new report, Apple is in “advanced talks” to acquire Imagination Technologies, a company that makes GPUs for iPhones. Imagination Technologies is a British chip design company that has been providing GPUs for Apple since the iPhone 4.

What Is Vulkan Graphics
Vulkan, an open-source, multi-vendors, application programming interface (API) for 3D graphics / GPU has now an actual implementation and as available to developers. Vulkan was previously at the design phase where the programming interface was made public in 2015, but there was no implementation yet. There are some now, and drivers for Android 6.0, Windows 7-10 and Linux are coming out, with Windows leading the way.

RAZER Blade Stealth And RAZER Core: Desktop Graphics Performance For Laptops
RAZER gaming laptops are known for their excellent performance/size ratio, but with the introduction of the RAZER Blade Stealth and RAZER Core, this company wants to compete in both the ultra-light and high-performance market. This combo is an interesting new take on an old problem.

Samsung Signs Long-Term Agreement With ARM For Graphics Processors
For long, ARM has been providing it’s Mali graphics processors to Samsung which it then uses with its Exynos processors. It’s not a new relationship by any means but today Samsung signed an agreement which is going to solidify it even further. The long-term agreement signed between Samsung and ARM today covers the latter’s Mali GPUs which include the Mali T820/830/860 as well as the recently announced Mali T880 and […]

Hardware Dominator’s GPU Collection Exceeds 600 Units
It was a love story that started more than 15 years ago. All the way back in 1997 when many of the current teens were still not in existence, a certain person by the moniker of Hardware Dominator decided to pick up an NVIDIA Riva 128 graphics card. Of course, his story with NVIDIA and the different kinds of video cards that they have rolled out over the years did […]

Samsung Reportedly Developing GPU For Exynos Chips In-House
Last year it was rumored that Samsung’s Mobile division was not only cooking up a new Exynos processor for the Galaxy S5 but it was also working on a graphics processor for those chips in-house. The company’s new Exynos SoC was launched but it didn’t come with Samsung’s own GPU. Today the rumor about in-house GPU development has resurfaced. Apparently the company has continued working on those graphics processors and has […]

NVIDIA GTX Titan Z Has 5760 Cores
NVIDIA just announced a new monster graphics card: the Titan Z. It is a dual GPU Titan card that features 5760 cores, 12GB of memory and generates 8 TeraFLOPS of compute power – for $2999. That rounds the cost of each core to about 50 cents. This is rather excellent if you happen to be shopping for a supercomputer that you don’t need to build, and that can be used […]