Reddit’s annual Secret Santa gift-giving program has managed to etch itself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records after setting a new world record with 58,504 participants, picking up the gong of “Largest Online Secret Santa Game” along the way. On average, Reddit users (“Redditors”, as they are called) spent approximately $25 per gift, amounting to more than $1.4 million gifts for fellow Redditors. Basically, if you want to participate, you will first need to be a Reddit user who signs up for the exchange. You are strongly advised to perform a degree of sleuthing on your matches so that you can gift something that is practical and relevant to the recipient, although there lies the danger of ending up trolling your match, or running into the possibility of goading other users.

The Reddit rules did say that rule breakers would be banned, and one of the rules were “Being matched with a lurker or new member may be difficult but does not give you a pass to troll.” Most of the gifters reside in the US, although 126 countries were represented in the gift exchange.

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