Ever wonder how cool it would be if Rockstar came up with a Grand Theft Auto MMO? While that might be a pipedream for some GTA fans, Rockstar did announce that they are envisaging a future GTA title that would combine all the series’ past cities, and at the same time allowing players to “fly” in between them. This was revealed in an interview with Digital Trends where the head of Rockstar North revealed the company’s hopes of the future of the GTA franchise.

If you have been following GTA 5 news, you might recall that when compared to previous GTA titles, the size of GTA 5 is massive which we can only imagine will translate into hours and hours of gameplay. So we can imagine if Rockstar were to combine all the cities from the GTA franchise into a single massive GTA game, that would be epic beyond proportions! Personally this is a title I am looking forward to, especially since GTA 1 and GTA 2 are played from a top-down 2D perspective, and seeing those areas recreated into stunning 3D would most definitely be a treat.

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