The HTC DROID DNA was released in the US not too long ago, and while the numbers have yet to come back regarding its success, it would seem that the Japan variant of the device, the HTC J Butterfly, is doing pretty well for itself in Japan. According to HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, it seems that the phone is doing so well in Japan to the point where HTC in unable to meet its strong demand which is apparently outperforming HTC’s initial sales estimates. According to Chou, “Based on our initial feedback, the phone has become very popular in Japan and we have been endeavoring to boost our shipments.”

However there was no mention as to how many units were initially allocated for the Japanese market, so for all we know, a small number of units could have been allocated which were quickly sold out. Either way the phone has been met with pretty positive reviews to date, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it did turn out to be a best-seller. In the meantime if you’re trying to decide if the HTC DROID DNA is the phone for you, check out our comprehensive review of the device here.

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