Samsung has introduced the first interactive Smart TV apps specially for children, where these apps will enable your little ones to actually do more than play Angry Birds with hand motion gestures, but rather, will interact with content on the TV with the help of motion control, virtual mirroring and mobile device connections, delivering a totally immersive experience that is geared toward education, development and entertainment. There are half a dozen new apps, where they are called ‘Playing Nado Hutos,’ ‘Sticker Theater,’ ‘Gingerbread Man,’ ‘Three Little Pigs,’ ‘Kindergarten’ and ‘Best Kids Song’, and these are immediately immediately to Samsung Smart TV users around the world. Not only that, Samsung has plans to increase the number of kids-focused Smart TV content by double before 2012 is over.

The Smart Interaction functionality from Samsung will be used by one of the apps, where the user is able to control the TV using nothing but voice and gesture. For instance, ‘Playing Nado Hutos’ will allow kids to interact with a character called Hutos, where they move their hands in front of the display. Kids can then tickle or pet Hutos, or even spur him to interact with different objects which are found throughout the game. Hutos will react differently depending on the kind of gesture you use.
he apps on offer will also play nice with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Samsung has pencilled in additional devices for compatibility purposes down the road.

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