If you’re the sort of person who travels often and needs to take with you a laptop on your trips, this Android app called WiFi Mouse might be of great interest to you, especially since it has the ability to turn your Android smartphone into a mouse which could end up being more comfortable to use compared to the trackpad, or it could even cut down on your packing since you  won’t need to pack an external mouse with you. The app will connect with your computer via WiFi and will turn your device’s screen into a mouse interface, letting you perform cursor movement, left and right click, middle button scroll, and etc. Since it uses your device’s display, in a way it does seem like a touchpad although since it isn’t placed dead center of your laptop, some might find it more ergonomical and comfortable to use. The downside is the fact that you could drain your smartphone’s  battery in the process, but if battery isn’t an issue for you, you will be able to get more info about the app and the download at the XDA forums.

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