If you love playing games in your living room, chances are you would get yourself a console, unless of course you wouldn’t mind setting up a PC in your living room and hooking it up to your big screen TV. If you’d rather not go through that hassle, you might be interested to learn that Valve could be doing that for you as the company’s co-founder and managing director, Gabe Newell, has revealed that come 2013, Valve will be introducing PC packages designed so that gamers will be able to run Steam on their TVs while at the same time giving possible next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony a run for their money.

Speaking to the folks at Kotaku, Newell revealed that these living room PCs from Valve will be restrictive in the sense that unlike traditional PCs, they might not be as modifiable, similar to consoles where you pretty much get what you pay for. However Newell also expects that PC manufacturers could also start offering PC packages in the future designed to be hooked up to your living room PC and will run Steam right of the box. We’re not sure how much these PC packages from Valve could cost, but it certainly sounds like an interesting idea – what do you guys think?

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