I am quite sure that majority of the folks who own the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone and are on AT&T or Rogers are extremely happy with the Windows Phone 8 Portico update, but it seems that Murphy has decided to drop by on the upgrade rollout by affecting a handful of folks who have installed the Portico update with an auto-screen brightness bug. It seems that this particular bug will make its bow whenever you turn the handset on in a mildly lit environment, where the brightness level will bring itself to maximum brightness level before down to its original brightness level, doing it over and over again in a fluctuating manner that is certainly not easy on your eyes, and far from battery-friendly.

Forum member iamtim shared, “Now I’m sitting in my chair – where the light is arguably not quite dim but not quite bright – and it’s acting like it doesn’t know what brightness setting it should be on. It doesn’t go from dimmest to brightest, but it is kinda like… “ok, let’s dim a little bit! no, wait, brighten up a tad! no, too bright, dim down some! Er, no, go bright!” It’s not happening very rapidly, maybe about every 10 seconds or so it changes a bit.” Of course, disabling “auto brightness” would help, but some claimed otherwise.

Are you one of those affected? This does not seem like a universal bug, but we do hope that there will be a fix, or at least a working solution that is issued officially. And soon, of course.

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