nokia1-wallThere have been many jokes about Nokia phones being “indestructible” and in some instances, we have seen how it actually managed to save lives, such as stopping a bullet. Well recently a man over in China has credited the Nokia Lumia 920 for saving his life. It seems that over in the Gansu province in China, a 20m long wall collapsed after being hit by a steel bar.

The man in question was one of the 9 people who were buried in the collapse but it seems that he was one of the few that suffered light injuries. According to the man who spoke to reporters, he claims that how he survived was thanks to his Lumia 920 in which it was held in his hand, and when the wall collapsed he put his hand up to protect his head from the falling debris.

We suppose that act in itself probably saved his life, but at the same time an extra barrier provided by the Lumia 920 also did something to soften the impact. Amazingly enough not only did the phone save his life, but the handset was not particularly damaged either and is still working just fine, albeit with some scratches to its display.

Unfortunately not everyone else had such a happy ending. Reports claim that at least 2 people have died as a result of the incident, and 3 are still in critical condition in the hospital.

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