We’ve seen several Xbox 360 controllers get the Steampunk treatment in the past, although if they weren’t cool or flashy enough to grab your attention, it seems that there is now a Xbox 360 button mod that replaces the buttons on your Xbox 360 controller with bullets that light up! Bullet button replacements for the controller aren’t new, but the ones that light up certainly add a bit of flash to the entire proceedings. The color of the LED lights can be chosen by you, and if you feel that pimping out your buttons isn’t enough, there is also a button mod for the Xbox Guide button made from a shotgun shell! The four-button set is retailing for $20.99 while the shotgun shell Xbox Guide button is priced at $12.99, which we have to admit seems pretty affordable. However if you’re not sure how to go about modding your Xbox 360 controller, or maybe if you’d just like to pimp out the whole controller, then the fully modded controller (pictured above) can be yours for a whopping $259.99 on its seller’s Etsy page. So, any takers?

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