How big of a steampunk fan are you? Are you a fan enough to blow $999 on a steampunk modified Xbox 360 controller? Well even if you don’t think you’d be willing to drop that amount of cash, here’s what you can expect should you change your mind. 

Created by Minister Morbid of MorbidStix, this steampunk controller is a very unique piece of technology in terms of design. It has been designed to give off an antique burl wood finish with copper rivet embellishments and real leather grips (for those intense gaming moments), along with custom buttons and knobs.

While all of that seems cool, you might be wondering what that key is doing on the controller, right? Well, as you can see right smack in the middle of the controller is a lock, and together with the key, you have to “unlock” the controller to power it on and gain access to your Xbox 360 menu, meaning should you lose your key, that’s pretty much it for you and you will have to go back to your regular controller.

$999 is a rather steep price to pay even for a mod, but if you think that this would look good even as a piece of art or decoration, there’s an eBay page up for the controller. The bad news is that there’s only one unit available but the good news is that at the time of posting, it does not look like anyone has placed any bids just yet.

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