Most smartphones, if not all of them, have the ability to auto-adjust the display’s brightness. This is a great way to save battery, not to mention using your phone at night will no longer blind you with its glare! However there are times and situations where auto-adjust might not be perfect and thanks to a new Apple patent, perhaps future iPhones or iOS updates might be introducing a new feature that will adjust your phone’s brightness depending on your screen content. According to the patent dubbed the “Portable media device with power-managed display”, it will be able to detect what’s being display on the screen, such as videos, images, websites, PDFs, etc.

For example if a PDF with a white/light background is displayed, then brightness of the device can afford to be lowered, versus a dark background where it might have to be brighter in order for it to be more legible. Videos on the other hand are a bit more complicated and according to the patent, the system will have to sample frames every so often in order to ensure a degree of consistency. It sounds like a pretty neat idea but unfortunately with patents, it’s hard to say if Apple is merely trying to protect an idea or if they actually have plans to implement it in their future products, but what do you guys think?

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