The problem with wearable headsets like smart glasses is how do companies cater towards users who wear and need prescription glasses? Obviously they can’t just ignore these users. One way would be to create a device that could retrofit onto existing glasses, but it seems that Apple has another idea.

According to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple is thinking up of a potential way for its glasses to adapt and change according to the prescription needed for the user. This means that instead of users having to buy new glasses when their vision gets worse, the Apple Glasses could simply adapt to it.

The patent describes a system that would use a stack of liquid crystal lenses along with a non-liquid-crystal adjustable lens. The lenses with liquid inside could be filled with  voltage-modulated material surrounded by electrodes, meaning that by making adjustments through an app, the lenses can be modified to change how much light can pass through.

That being said, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve come across such an invention. Just last week during CES, a company called 32 North unveiled a pair of sunglasses that can swap between sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses with a single swipe, so the basis for the concept is already there.

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