Talk about the worst-case scenario for a day at work. You wake up early, eat a hearty breakfast, and drive your car to the office, only to be told that the office has been closed and that you’ve been fired from your job. Unfortunately, these situation happened to a few employees at Best Buy stores in Canada. Apparently Best Buy Canada already had plans of closing seven of its stores across the country, as well as eight other future locations. The only problem was that Best Buy did not notify or inform its employees.

CBC News is reporting that employees arrived for their shift this morning and were met by security guards and closed doors. The employees said that they did not receive any advance notice of the closure. Best Buy, however, said that the affected employees, roughly five percent of the company’s Canadian workforce, will receive severance support as well as access to employee assistance programs and career transition support. The store closures are a part of Best Buy’s ongoing restructuring plan to keep its business profitable and sustainable for the coming years.

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