All right, so the bionic man that will be featured on a Channel 4 documentary that is titled, “How to Build a Bionic Man” might not be worth all of six million dollars, but it will show off the latest in the realm of artificial limbs, organs, and yes, even artificial blood by building a 6-foot tall android. The program is hosted by Dr. Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist from Switzerland, who currently sports an iLimb Ultra as he was born sans a left arm. This prosthetic hand from Touch Bionics costs around $48,000, just in case you were wondering.

The eye of the bionic man will hail from the University of California in the form of a pair of glasses that are camera-equipped, sending images to a microchip that is inserted directly onto the retina. As for its aural capabilities, Macquarie University in Sydney would be the ones supplying the cochlear implant. SynCardia of Arizona will offer their battery-powered artificial heart, while other parts such as its pancreas, kidney and legs, too, will be sourced from different manufacturers located around the world. The finished article is far from polished, and it does seem that a Data-like droid is still a far away dream.

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