They say that everyone has their price, and even more so, every thing has its price, too. After all, physical objects without a soul have far less real value than an actual human being, although most of the time the world works otherwise. Well, if you are a huge fan of all things BlackBerry and want to get hold of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units which have seen action in the past, here is some good news to kick off the new year with – it seems that eBay is carrying a bunch of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units, although these are rather limited in quantity for obvious reasons.

It is not too smart to fork out money, especially good money for a device that has been labeled “Not for Sale” for obvious reasons, other than the fact that it could be a felony to own one of these, and you definitely are unable to send it in to make a warranty claim should anything go wrong. A couple of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alphas were sold on eBay for $900 and $999, and if you think that patience is your stronger suit, we would recommend you to sit tight and wait. After all, the BlackBerry 10 launch event is happening this January 30th.

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