When it comes to modern medical technology, the role of robots cannot be underestimated as they gain more prominence in time. The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) over at the Sri Ramachandra University in India will have a sleek robot known as Chitti which will go around observing patients while running some tests in select cases where required. Chitti will also be able to notify a doctor just in case of an emergency, now how about that?

Doctors are able to patch in with their patient via Chitti, thanks to a built-in video conferencing facility. According to Dr. K. Selvakumar, “It’s an amazing device that can be programmed to monitor any number of patients. It does not replace a doctor or a nurse. But it allows healthcare workers to communicate more easily even when they aren’t at work” Chitti will in the long run, help overcome manpower shortage while being patient friendly, but there is something “cold” about machines, as they lack the emotion of a fellow human being to empathize and sympathize. The image that you see on the right is meant for illustration purposes only.

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