Heads up Chrome users! Google has just made its Chrome browser even more secure. Announcing the good news on its blog, the company says that it is now supporting Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for omnibox searches on Chrome without the need to sign into Google. That’s right, you won’t have to sign-in in order to enjoy the security benefits of SSL encryption. The update starts with Chrome 25, which is currently in Google’s dev and beta channels.


In case you didn’t now, having your content over SSL would mean a secure and private search experience. It also ensures that malicious users who might want to intercept people’s internet traffic won’t be able see their queries. It’s important to note that Firefox already made the switch to SSL for all Google searches in July last year. Apple did also the same thing with Safari in September last year. It’s rather ironic that Google just made the switch today.

Perhaps it wanted to attract more Chrome users to sign-up to its services in the past. Nevertheless, this is good news for users who don’t have enough time to log into Google. “Users shouldn’t notice any changes. If anything, their searches will be slightly faster due to Chrome’s implementation of the SPDY protocol, but there should be no other user-visible effect,” says Google software engineer Adam Langley.

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