[CES 2013] It was sometime in the middle of last year when we brought you word that the Attacknid will be made available later in the year, and that proved to be true. I guess that Wow! Stuff, the company behind the Attacknid, intends to continue striking while the proverbial iron is hot, and since everyone is still in a slight holiday mood, they have decided to show off more of the Attacknid at CES Unveiled, where we managed to capture a few images of it in action. This six-legged creation is capable of firing different toy weapons and react to hits when battling another bot.

Somehow, having a “-nid” suffix does not quite cut the cheese for me simply because I am led to believe that this has something to do with arachnids, our 8-legged spider friends, while this has only six. Perhaps calling it “Attacksect” does not have quite the same ring to it, no?

Basically, the Attacknid is a 10-inch tall robot that maneuvers in a snap regardless of the direction, where it boasts of a 360° rotating head which is capable of sending projectiles up to 30 feet in rapid fire. The first generation of Attacknids are able to shoot foam discs from an attachable “Dissector Bolt ‘N’ Battle Weapon,” although future weapons will clip on to fire ping pong balls and foam darts for added variety. I see your family pet is going to get traumatized soon, real soon.

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