Articles about CES 2013

Lenovo Beacon Home Network Storage
[CES 2014] Now that Lenovo has captured the #1 spot as “computer maker”, and starts to make big inroads in the smartphone and tablet market, the company is going after other areas of the eco-system, namely the personal Network Attached Storage market (NAS). This is not an easy market to serve because of the typical difficulty to setup the device onto the home network and the public Internet, but Lenovo […]

Seagate Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus Fast
[CES 2014] Seagate is introducing a new line of external backup hard drives with Seagate Backup Plus Slim, a new series that follows the previous “Backup Plus” drives launched in June 2012. As you have guessed, the new ones are smaller, thanks to the natural size reduction of drives but the more important update in 2014 is the capability to (partially) backup Android and iOS devices in addition to PC […]

How Ubergizmo Prepares For CES: A Chat With David Spark
Last week we met with David Spark, the founder of Spark Solutions, a brand journalism and media consulting firm. He wanted to ask us how we prepare for enormous shows like CES, and how we push more than 100 posts on the first day. Ubergizmo is an independent media outlet and as such, we don’t have the vast resources that publicly traded companies, or venture-capital backed media outlets may have […]

Hands on: Huawei Ascend Mate Review
[CES 2013] Huawei made a splash at CES 2013 by launching two powerful smartphones with state of the art features, the Ascend D2 and the huge 6.1-inch Ascend Mate. We published about the devices when they were announced on stage on Monday and today, we took the time to upload a few videos showcasing the Huawei new phones.Following the unsuspected success of the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2, big phones […]


Best of CES 2013 @ Ubergizmo
CES 2013 is well behind us, and despite the avalanche of devices, demos and news, there are a small group of products that caught our attention more than others. They may soon be in your living room, on your head, in your hands, your bag or your pockets: here are the 11 Ubergizmo Best of CES 2013, in no particular order…LG EA9800 Curved  OLED TV The LG EA9800 is an absolute […]

The Luminae Glass Keyboard By TransluSense Is A Thing Of Beauty
[CES 2013] There are many types of keyboards, ranging from your regular rubber dome keyboards to mechanical ones. Then there are also on-screen keyboards, laptop-styled keyboards and etc. But what if you wanted a glass keyboard? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well it seems that such a keyboard does exist and was demonstrated at CES 2013. This keyboard (pictured) above is called the Luminae and it was created by a company […]

HoverCam Document Scanner Updated At CES
[CES 2013] although the idea of scanning all your paper documents is really enticing, but the actual implementation is often more difficult than expected. I have personally tried a number of solutions, and in the end, I fell back on taking photos with a camera or a smartphone. That may not work for official documents that can be re-printed, but for receipts and business cards, it’s pretty awesome.

Magnetyze Charging System For iPhone 5 Available Q2 2013
[CES 2013] Let’s be realistic and assume you don’t want a simple cell phone that is able to stand by for 15 years and you’d prefer a energy-draining smartphone in your pocket at all times. The last thing you want to do when you need to charge your phone is to look for your cable as many of us are probably not very organized. You need a product where you […]

ChargeCard To Enter Production Soon
[CES 2013] It is always nice to see Kickstarter projects gain enough backers and turned into reality, and the ChargeCard is one of them. In fact the team behind the ChargeCard is at CES, where they were demonstrating their “baby” by offering a hands-on with those who are interested. To summarize, the ChargeCard, measuring roughly similar to a credit card albeit being a wee bit thicker, is able to fit […]

Flexible Windows Phone Prototype Spotted
[CES 2013] I am quite sure that many of us were impressed when we first stumbled upon the Youm flexible OLED display by Samsung at CES this year, and it seems that during Samsung’s presentation of the Youm flexible OLED display, there was a prototype Windows Phone-powered device as well. You can check that out in the video above, although do be forewarned that the video’s quality leaves plenty to […]

SpareOne Plus Is An Emergency-Only Cell Phone That Lasts For 15 Years
[CES 2013] At this year’s CES, we’ve seen a number of battery packs and cases as there are countless people, myself included, who absolutely need to carry some form of external battery with them at all times. But what if cellphones in the future don’t require us to constantly charge our devices in order to be sure we’ll have a full charge when we’re ready to head out into the world?XPAL Power […]

Oculus Rift Review: Eyes On The Most Immersive VR Hardware
[CES 2013] I had heard of that Oculus Rift kickstarter project before, and watching their pitch, I thought that it sounded very promising. I worked for 12 years in the computer graphics industry and tested my share of VR (Virtual Reality) head gear. Pretty much everyone has given up on this, so I wanted to see what these folks could come up to.For those unfamiliar with Virtual Reality projects, the […]

LG EA9800 OLED TV Has Generous Curves
[CES 2013] LG knows that the wandering eyes of men tend to have an affinity towards curves, which is why LG has taken this opportunity to unveil the LG EA9800 OLED TV that boasts of proprietary WRGB technology, coming in an incredibly thin form factor that features a dramatic curved design while offering a vivid picture quality which LG claims is practically indiscernible from colors found in nature. Sounds rather […]

G-Form G90 Case Debuts
[CES 2013] G-Form has decided to use CES 2013 as the debut platform for its G90 case. Just what makes the G90 case so special? It seems that G-Form has finally perfected what they claim to be the “world’s first case to truly turn any smartphone or iPod touch into a sports action camera.” That is a pretty lofty claim, but then again, such a niche market segment does not […]

HAPIfork Helps You In The Battle Of The Bulge
[CES 2013] So, you have had your fair share of feasting over the holiday season, and realized that your wardrobe has shrunk (or so you tell yourself) in a matter of weeks. Perhaps what you need is a gadget-related catalyst to help you get back to shape – and the HAPIfork is one smart utensil that intends to do just that. For starters, the HAPIfork will be equipped with a […]

Transporter Offers Data Storage Alternative
[CES 2013] We are always reminded to back up our data from time to time, but most of us throw caution to the wind, adopting a “it will never happen to me” attitude. In fact, just this morning, my faithful USB flash drive died on me, and I regret not having a more recent backup of it. Having said that, your data storage options when it comes to backups are […]

Archos Titanium Tablets Unveiled At CES 2013
[CES 2013] What better way to launch a device, or a range of devices, than to use the platform known as CES? Archos has just introduced the Titanium line in its Elements range of tablets, and just as the element’s name suggests, the Titanium line delivers high-end specifications in a bang-for-your-buck experience. In fact, all Titanium range tablets will come with a High Definition IPS display capacitive multi-touch screen, a […]

Rapoo TV Wants To Make Your TV Smart
[CES 2013] So we are halfway through the madness that is known as CES 2013, and what other kinds of goodies have we discovered? Rapoo, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless peripheral products, has just announced their latest addition to the wonderful world of gadgets in the form of the Rapoo TV. Basically, the Rapoo TV is a receiver and remote solution that will help turn any HDTV “smart”, […]

Sony CEO Says PS Vita Sales On 'Low End' Of Company's Expectations
[CES 2013] No matter how much we tell you Sony’s PS Vita is great, we still feel it’s at a price point not too many people are comfortable spending on a dedicated handheld gaming device. No matter how advanced the PS Vita is, there aren’t many people willing to spend over $250 for it when they can buy an actual home console or an Android tablet for that price. Even […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom Concept Expands Your Game To Your Surroundings
[CES 2013] For years now, gamers have been playing on screens that have advanced greatly in the last 30 to 40 years. We’ve gone from black & white displays, to CRT monitors, all the way up to what we play our games on now. What we didn’t think of was to try to expand our gaming view from our TVs and monitors to the entire room, which is exactly what […]