I am quite sure that most of us out there have seen at least one episode of Mission Impossible where the message self-destructs after relating the mission to whoever is listening in to it. Well, the research arm of the Pentagon, DARPA, intend to work on next generation military hardware which is said to self-destruct at a certain point in its life. Sensors that are suicidal? There’s no need for a shrink for such shorted silicon, yo!

Basically, DARPA is looking into sensors and other “sophisticated electronic microsystems” which will have their place in a warzone, and will self-destruct after a while, so that opposing forces who pick them up cannot apply the techniques of reverse engineering and come up with formidable weapons of their own. How about a smartphone that self-destructs after you lose it, simply because you sent activated a “kill switch” remotely? That would be cool, and the thief who took your smartphone might actually see his or her pants catch fire as it melts. I want in on such tech, how about you?

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