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DARPA Ready To Launch Submarine Hunting Drone
It has been a wee bit more than three years since we talked about how DARPA has a robotic ship that will hunt down silent submarines, and it seems that such a dream is now a reality as DARPA prepares to roll out its latest 132-foot submarine-hunting drone some time later this April. It has been a long time in coming, really, but all’s well that ends well, don’t you […]

DARPA Building Drones That Can Take Off From Smaller Ships
We’re sure many of you guys have seen photos and movies of planes taking off from ships. These ships are called carriers and they are huge, obviously since it would need to be able to fit several planes as well as accommodate a runway. However the downside is that these huge ships aren’t as agile compared to smaller ones, are also a lot more conspicuous.This is why DARPA has come […]

DARPA Will Fund Your Robot If It's Good Enough
Many of us dream of building robots that do cool things when we’re young but not all of us follow through. We all have different reasons for not pursuing what once seemed like pretty awesome dreams, and if you still happen to hold on to some of them, then DARPA has a great opportunity for you. If your robot is good enough the government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is […]

Mechanical Prosthetic Hand Lets Its Wearer “Feel”
Sometimes prosthetics are used for aesthetics reasons. Sometimes they’re also functional as it allows its wearer to walk or to hold object, but unfortunately for the most part, they don’t actually allow the wearer to feel like they would with an actual limb. However over at John Hopkins University, that will soon change.By using DARPA-developed neural technologies, researchers at the university have crafted a mechanical prosthetic hand that can actually […]


DARPA Reveals New Landing Gear For Choppers
Science is a wonderful field to study and work with, especially since you get to push the boundaries of what is at the moment and take a closer look into the future. It seems that helicopters of the future will be able to gain an advantage thanks to DARPA’s work on a brand new kind of landing gear which certainly introduces a paradigm shift. Basically, this landing gear will enable […]

DARPA Thinks That Playing Video Games Can Identify Software Flaws
If there is a reason developers launch betas of their software is so that users can use the software they normally would, and in the process hopefully come across some bugs or holes that the developers themselves might have missed during testing. After all we all use softwares in our own way, so sometimes it’s impossible to catch everything.That being said DARPA thinks that by playing video games, gamers will […]

DARPA Looks To Mechanize Human Brains
The amalgamation of man and machine – isn’t this the utopian life, where one will be able to have that emotional connection, and yet make all the logical choices, not to mention not having to go through degenerative brain diseases that would adversely affect the quality of life. It seems that DARPA has come up with a two-year research program that will develop what is known as RAM Replay. RAM […]

DARPA’s Guided Bullet Proves It Can Hit Moving Targets
DARPA has been working on guided bullets for a while now and in the latest footage released, it shows that their EXACTO bullet will be able to hit moving targets. Basically the idea of guided bullets is to help increase accuracy, especially in conditions that might not necessarily be ideal and would also allow novices to shoot just as much on-point as the professionals.In the video above, DARPA shows how […]

DARPA Looking To Create Update-Free Software That Could Last Years
Software is updated from time to time to address bugs, fix security holes, add new features, improve upon performance, and optimized for new hardware. These updates usually require the user to download and install them which honestly isn’t that big of a deal or a huge inconvenience, but for the sake of efficiency and future-proofing, DARPA is looking into creating software that will never need to be updated for years […]

Darpa Working On A Dark Web Search Engine
Many of us spend countless hours on the internet every single day without even realizing that we’re barely scratching the surface. There’s a whole other world on the internet, often referred to as the dark web, where all sorts of shady stuff happens. Files compromised in cyberattacks end up there, stolen identities are sold, illegal drugs and weapons change hands and a lot more happens on the dark web.

Bullet Changes Direction In Mid-Air
Truth can be stranger than fiction at times, but there are moments when fiction does inspire some amazing technological advancements in the real world. For those who have watched “Wanted” that starred Angelina Jolie a few years back, you would have seen how the Fraternity’s assassins were able to curve bullets – but knowing that achieving such level of marksmanship in real life is impossible, perhaps the next best thing […]

Man Controls Two Bionic Arms With The Power Of Thought
It was just yesterday that we talked about a mind-controlled bionic hand, and here we are with double the technology. This is also a DARPA-funded robotic limb which can be controlled through the power of thoughts alone, although we would be dealing with not one, but two of such robotic limbs that ought to make the reality of replacement smart limbs a reality.

DARPA Wants To Make A Flying Aircraft Carrier
DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Products Agency, otherwise known as the folks with all the futuristic weapons, are now tinkering with an idea that you might already be familiar with if you have seen the Avengers movie. The agency has put out a request for ideas on how to go about building a flying aircraft carrier. This platform will have to be used for both launching and recovering aircraft.

Soft Exosuit Could Augment Footsoldiers' Agility
It looks like the U.S. military has expressed a rather strong interest when it comes to the development of powered exoskeletons. Such powered exoskeletons might just come in handy one of these days, you can never tell, as they assist soldiers in being a whole lot more agile, being far stronger than the average human as one is able to carry far more weight across difficult terrain, as well as […]