The iPhone’s success has certainly opened up a whole new world for third party accessory manufacturers to really rake in the dough, and this is one unique tank charger dock for the iPhone that will certainly set tongues wagging should you happen to pick one up from tech designer PHU. Of course, with such a unique design, they are going to cost you more than what you paid for your iPhone on contract in the first place with a $395 price point.

Heck, with that amount of money, one would half expect to see the charger dock move around and be equipped with bells and whistles such as lights and audio, but unfortunately, it remains as dead as a doornail, although the pair of treads do add to some degree of realism. Other than that, it will come with an integrated charging cable, and can be purchased exclusively at Four Corner Store. You can opt to have it built to order with a 30-pin connector for the iPhone 4/4S, or with a Lightning connector for the iPhone 5. Something tells me that this is more of a statement of your bank account’s balance compared to being practical with your money.

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