Mobile devices can get you into trouble sometimes. And we mean big trouble. A man from U.K. laughed when he learned from his carrier that his mobile Internet usage already exceeded way past his cap limit. 26-year old Chris Bovis of Tilbury, Essex, England contacted his phone company, Orange, because his subscription was cut without prior notice. Bovis laughed at first when a representative told him that he already consumed more than £10,000 of Internet data.

But when Orange tried to take £19,000 from his bank (roughly$30,000), he realizes that the situation is not a joke. Thankfully, his bank blocked the transaction, saving him lots and lots of money. Bovis decided to take his iPhone to an Apple store where it was opened for checking. To their surprise, the iDevice continued to receive large amounts of data even if it was already turned off. Eventually, the Apple store declared the iPhone to be faulty and agreed to replace it. Orange, meanwhile, apologized for the inconvenience and cut his bill to zero. Phew, that was close.

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