Apple has announced a Self Service Repair program that makes 200 genuine Apple parts available to the general public. This new program is only available in the USA, but Europeans should get access by year’s end.

The iPhone series (12, 13, SE) is the first product to be supported, but Mac computers with M1 chips should be next in line for self-repair.

In addition to the spare parts, Apple even has a $49 rental iPhone repair toolkit with all the proper tools to perform the repair as efficiently as possible.

The kit looks pretty impressive and is delivered in a cool Pelican-like case (image spotted on macrumors). It weighs 36-43 Lbs for a 20×47 inches size.

I think that’s a great idea because even repair shops don’t always have specific tools that Apple has designed to hold devices firmly in place, apply pressure uniformly, etc. These tools must sometimes be molded in the exact shape of the device and are only available from Apple.

Interestingly, poorly equipped repair stores might even negate the original waterproofing of these phones and induce a significant risk on that front.

Similarly, replaced displays typically need to be calibrated, and some repair shops might not have the proper equipment or the knowledge.

Overall, that’s a positive move for customers, especially those who don’t live near a repair center. In urban centers, it’s pretty easy to go to an Apple store for repairs. But if you’re far enough, this program might get you out of a bind if you can perform the repair as instructed.

Apple has published a white paper with more details, and you might want to read it before deciding if self-repair is appropriate for the situation.

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