The future is definitely unchartered territory, and the USB Implementer’s Forum (USB-IF) has already adopted a new standard for USB Power Delivery that is capable of supporting the delivery of up to 100W over, of all things, a USB cable. Basically, to put it in a nutshell, you will be able to use the very same cable to juice up your power hungry notebook, now how about that? The folks over at Laptop Magazine managed to spend some time with the people at USB-IF at the recently concluded CES, and managed to check out a notebook which was retrofitted with support for a shiny new USB Power Delivery system.

It is interesting to note that the notebook was not only able to draw power from the same cable, but also to send data, now how about that? Apart from that, hooking it up to the USB port on a monitor allows the notebook to power the monitor, simultaneously sending images and video to boot.

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