HP was and still is a pretty big name in computing, although we guess the company did not manage to experience the same success when it came to their mobile products, at least until the HP TouchPad went on a fire sale and when people found out that you could actually port Android onto it, so how long will it take before HP manages to regain some of its former glory? In an interview with BusinessWeek, HP’s Meg Whitman revealed that her plan to turn HP around would take about five years. She also acknowledged that not many people are happy to hear that, and we guess we can’t blame them – five years does seem to be more like a long-term plan rather than a short-term one.

In the meantime Whitman stated that she’s trying to introduce a culture of thrift in the company, such as taking company executives out of their plush offices and putting them into cubicles, and that she does not want HP to be looked upon as a “fancy pants” company. As far as the mobile front is concerned, Whitman expressed that HP still had an interest in smartphones and that they will come up with one in the future once they figure out how to do so without losing a “boatload of money”. For those who have enjoyed HP’s offerings in the past, perhaps this might be a glimmer of hope although it seems unlikely that HP’s future offerings will be of the webOS variety.

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