They say that being simple is best, and I could not agree with you more, especially when it comes to the number of wireless rate plans in the market. MetroPCS wants to simplify things before they get out of hand, and they intend to reduce the clutter surrounding many wireless rate plans available at the moment by rolling out simpler 4G LTE plans which are touted to offer superior value and the most affordable unlimited 4G LTE available.

The plans do offer unlimited 4G LTE data, text and talk for a mere $60 each month, and on top of that, $60 already includes all of the taxes and regulatory fees, so you need not fork out a penny more than you should. There will be a couple of other unlimited data plans with 2.5GB at 4G LTE speed ($50) and unlimited data with 500MB at 4G LTE speed ($40) which will also include unlimited talk and text. If your current contract with a different mobile carrier is about to expire, would you consider what MetroPCS has in store?

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