Art Lebedev, the name behind uber expensive computer peripherals with a novelty factor, will be making an appearance over at CES 2013 next week, where they want to show off the new Optimus Popularis at Las Vegas, Nevada. The Optimus Popularis might be rated to be a cheaper and smaller version of the extremely pricey Optimus Maximus, where the latter is a full-sized keyboard with small, modifiable displays on every key, but you can bet your bottom hard earned dollar that is still going to be expensive and burn a sizable hole in your pocket.

The Optimus Popularis is said to be highly customizable, where you are able to assign individual images and bindings to each key on the keyboard, basically allowing it to be anything that you want it to be. Now, I do foresee some memes being planned for the Optimus Popularis, but only true blue geeks would be able to “get” them. Well, Art Lebedev intends to make a splash at CES next week by making sure that the Optimus Popularis will be celebrated on a large scale, where their booth there will boast of a behemoth sized version of the keyboard, just to make a point and show off to the wandering crowds at what its technology within is capable of.

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