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Optimus Popularis Life Sized Booth At CES 2013 By Art Lebedev
Art Lebedev, the name behind uber expensive computer peripherals with a novelty factor, will be making an appearance over at CES 2013 next week, where they want to show off the new Optimus Popularis at Las Vegas, Nevada. The Optimus Popularis might be rated to be a cheaper and smaller version of the extremely pricey Optimus Maximus, where the latter is a full-sized keyboard with small, modifiable displays on every […]

Bulavkus USB flash drive is a prick in a good way
There are different kinds of threats and dangers at the office – spilling a hot cup of coffee all over your pants, singeing yourself in the process, or dropping a slice of pizza with extra cheese top down on your keyboard, as well as the traditional paper cuts – you can add getting pricked by your USB flash drive to the list as well. Wait a minute here, what are […]

Optimus Popularis keyboard up for pre-order
Now here is a keyboard that you might just want to check out if you have a deep bank account – the Optimus Popularis from Art Lebedev. I know, Art Lebedev tends to churn out some pretty expensive equipment, as their track record in the past shows that the Optimus Maximus keyboard cost more than $2,000 a pop, so you can expect something expensive as well with the Optimus Popularis, […]

Optimus Mini Six from Art Lebedev Studio
Art Lebedev Studio has just dropped more information concerning the Optimus Mini Six that is a totally new model, sporting six keys as in its name. Interestingly enough, these keys will be smaller in size compared to the Mini Three, with the signature feature on the Mini Six being an active LCD display in each key which will double up as programmable shortcuts in addition to active status icons for […]


Art Lebedev cardboard USB flash drives concept
Since everyone is going green these days, it makes perfect sense to ensure that as far as it is within your reach, you do your best to make eco-friendly choices, and among them include purchasing the right kind of USB flash drives for your storage needs. Art Lebedev has come up with the zany idea of making USB flash drives on cardboard, where they are so cheap to produce that […]

Optimus mini six from Art Lebedev
Art Lebedev has certainly come some ways from the beginning, and while they do roll out computer peripherals with some pretty stunning designs, we do hope to see more frequent releases at a much more pocket-friendly price. Well, apparently the company is hard at work on a new companion keyboard this year, known as the Optimus mini six. This keyboard-side companion will resemble the mini three, relying on similar in-key […]

Optimus Popularis sneak peek
Check out a clearer image of the upcoming Optimus Popularis display keyboard that is destined (keep your fingers crossed!) to be released before the year is over at best, or early next year at worst. It will retail for under $1,000, where pre-orders will be opened up to the masses sometime later this year. Every key looks set to get as much screen real estate as possible, including the spacebar. […]

Art Lebedev at it again with new mug
The folks over at Art Lebedev have come up with a brand new idea – a mug that shows just how hot the contents of its drinks are through a rather interesting format. You will find the silhouette of a battery symbol on the outside, and there is a temperature strip which shows the current temperature (a rough guesstimate). This strip will become visible only when the mercury rises to […]

TaskWatch magnetic white board clock
Talk about giving a futuristic look to your drab old meeting room with the TaskWatch from design geniuses at Art Lebedev. This magnetic white board comes equipped with a clock right smack in the middle, making it perfect to plan your day (as well as the movements of those who are in the same office). You can choose from one version which comes with an entire clock face, while the […]