Art Lebedev has certainly come some ways from the beginning, and while they do roll out computer peripherals with some pretty stunning designs, we do hope to see more frequent releases at a much more pocket-friendly price. Well, apparently the company is hard at work on a new companion keyboard this year, known as the Optimus mini six. This keyboard-side companion will resemble the mini three, relying on similar in-key screens of the Optimus Popularis. Hmmm, that leads us to wonder – just how much engineering work is put into something that rehashes old stuff and doubles the number of in-key screens? Traditionally, Art Lebedev products hardly ship on time. For instance, the full-size Popularis keyboard which was supposed to ship by Christmas last year was delayed by a “recent financial crisis”, where they will now ship the mini six before the Popularis hits the market sometime this year – don’t hold your breath now!

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