SuperTooth HD[CES 2013] Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on a smartphone is a big no-no, as you not only endanger your life, but those of your fellow motorists, regardless of how well you think you have things under control. Which is why getting a hands-free car kit should always be at the top of your agenda each time you get into a vehicle and know that you will need to communicate with your phone. Why not let technology help you with the Supertooth HD-VOICE Bluetooth hands-free car kit debuting this CES 2013 for $89 a pop?

It will boast of instant, no-frills installation, where all you need to do is just clip it to the sun visor in the car, pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and you are good to go. What makes the Supertooth HD-VOICE a novel idea would be its ability to verbalize pairing instructions and announce callers in a dozen languages, in addition to carrying a pair of speakers and an equal number of microphones for outstanding sound quality, whether we are referring to emission or reception. Incoming calls will see the HD-VOICE announce the caller’s name, where you say ‘OK’ to pick up the call. What you see above is the Supertooth for illustration purposes only, as the real device has yet to see a press image released.

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