With the launch of Windows Phone 8, which included newer smartphones with upgraded hardware, it is not surprising that more smartphone buyers are willing to adopt Microsoft’s platform versus before where Windows Phone still featured seemingly outdated hardware compared to its iOS and Android competitors, and taking a look at Statcounter’s recent charts, it would certainly seem that way. According to Statcounter, it seems that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has managed to snag about 20% of the mobile market share in Finland and according to the graph, it looks like it is definitely on the rise. Interestingly Statcounter has also noticed very small drops in iOS and Android’s share and assuming their stats are right, Nokia’s share of the market is almost as close although it should be noted that Nokia’s market share consists of Windows Phone, Symbian, MeeGo and S40. Either way at the rate this is going, is it possible that Windows Phone could overtake iOS and Android in market share, at least as far as Finland is concerned?

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