Last October, Microsoft exec Joe Belfiore pretty much confirmed that the company is done with Windows 10 Mobile in terms of developing new software features and also creating new hardware. Based on this, it is safe to say that Microsoft could be done with the Surface Phone as well, a handset that has been rumored but never seen.

However could the Surface Phone be a project that’s still in the works? That’s what a Microsoft engineer in China is leading us to believe, thanks to comments that they made during a Q&A posted on Chinese website Zhihu (via WindowsLatest; via PhoneArena) in which the Surface Phone was mentioned in passing.

The Q&A was in response to a user who complained about poor integration of Cortana on Android. The comment made by the engineer reads in part, “Microsoft Cortana (Xiao Na) is a cross-platform smart assistant, available across all devices including PCs and smartphone, trying to do more like WeChat Noda. For the smart assistant, permissions is a good thing, looking forward to the perfect performance of the Surface Phone (although Hana do not know will not be a surface phone).”

Note that the comments made in the parenthesis was added afterwards, where it seemed that the engineer decided to backtrack on their comments to make it sound like they weren’t sure about the existence of the Surface Phone. Perhaps we might be reading too much into this, but why would they mention it if they weren’t sure about it, right? We guess we’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft will eventually launch such a device.

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