So far we have seen our fair share of interesting objects printed out using 3D printers, and who knows, the health industry might be affected (and I use this word in a good way, of course) next? In fact, scientists are mulling over the use of a novel 3D printing technique that will be able to arrange human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), marking it as the first time in human history. Just to translate that to plain English, it would mean the creation of 3D tissues as well as structures, which would come in handy when one wants to churn out artificial organs and tissues.

These hESCs are said to be extremely crucial when it comes to medical research, as the cells, in theory, are able to replicate indefinitely and be transformed into just about any kind of cell in the body. This would make it super useful if one wants to create tissues which are more or less certainly of being received by the body. I would like to read more about such kind of news instead of 3D printed guns that tend to take life rather than preserve it.

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