Apple Quietly Improves EarPods, Lightning Cable Accessories

Apple is always looking to improve its products on a regular basis. Whether those improvements are ones that we would actually need can certainly be debated as one day they can offer improvements to its MacBook Pro with Retina Display line, then the next, offer new accessories we’re sure only a handful of you are interested in.

Unfortunately for you, today is the latter kind of update as Apple isn’t offering any groundbreaking changes today, but they’re changes nonetheless.

The first product that’s receiving an improvement is Apple’s EarPods, which were originally introduced with the iPhone 5. The new EarPods will include its previously larger remote that was found on their standard earbuds and will cost $29.

The second product Apple is releasing is a new Lightning cable that measures in at half a meter long, which is exactly half the length of the Lightning cable that currently ships with their latest iOS devices. A shorter cable does not necessarily mean a cheaper price as this new Lightning cable sells for $19, which is how much a meter-long cable costs.

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