The Foaster Is An iPhone Charger Shaped Like A Toaster

If you own a smartphone, one of the last places you’re going to want to put your device into is a toaster. We can’t deny that it sounds like a completely crazy time to toast the hell out of your smartphone, but considering how much damage it’ll receive in the process, we can see why most people would restrain themselves. But for some reason, designer Mike Charles couldn’t fight his […]

Gold iPhone 5S Will Soon Get The Gold Lightning Cable It Deserves

We’ve been hearing about the gold iPhone 5S for several months prior to its official unveiling this past week. Numerous leaks pretty much confirmed a gold iPhone would be made available, and that’s exactly what happened. Considering how long Apple probably knew about not only its gold iPhone 5S, but the multitude of colors that would be available with the iPhone 5C, we’re surprised they didn’t also announce new accessories that […]

ChargeKey Is A Lightning Cable Small Enough To Fit On Your Keychain

If you have an iPhone 5, or plan on picking up the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, you’re going to need more than just one Lightning cable as we know how difficult it is to carry around a single cable in order to recharge your phone. You could go with buying an additional cable, or you could have a bit more fun and buy something like this iPhone 5 case […]

This iPhone 5 Charging Cable Can Double As A Stand

The Trunk is an iPhone 5 cable that will not tangle and can be used as a stand.


PhotoFast Lightning Mount Helps Secure Your iPhone 5 To 30-Pin Accessories

We know how hard it is for iOS owners to part with their 30-pin connector products as you probably thought your bedside radio would always stay with you. But now that you have an iPhone 5, it just sits there, collecting dust and telling the time accurately. But a new product from PhotoFast can make it easier for you to enjoy your accessories that only have a 30-pin connector. The […]

Apple Quietly Improves EarPods, Lightning Cable Accessories

Apple is always looking to improve its products on a regular basis. Whether those improvements are ones that we would actually need can certainly be debated as one day they can offer improvements to its MacBook Pro with Retina Display line, then the next, offer new accessories we’re sure only a handful of you are interested in. Unfortunately for you, today is the latter kind of update as Apple isn’t […]

Scosche Lightning Connector Cables Now Available

The launch of the iPhone 5 not only brought an iPhone with a larger screen, but it also introduced the Lightning connector. Since then, Apple’s new Lightning connector has made it to the iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad, which means accessory makers have been scrambling to provide updated accessories to help support the new connector. Scosche is one accessory maker that has yet to provide official Lightning connector compatible […]

Apple Lowers Price Of Thunderbolt Cable By $10 While Introducing Shorter Cable

As much attention as Apple’s Lightning connector has been receiving over the past few months as it’s the latest cable to be made available for newer iOS devices, one cable that doesn’t seem to get as much love is Apple’s Thunderbolt connector. Sure – Thunderbolt is currently a proprietary connector only available on a range of Apple computers, but it still demands respect as it features two 10-Gbps data channels per […]

Griffin Updates StudioConnect Music-Creation iOS Accessory To Support Lightning Connector

  [CES 2013] Up until now, if you wanted to create any kind of music on your iOS device seeing how powerful and portable they can be compared to actually recording in a music studio, you needed to stick with last-generation technology as all music-creating iOS accessories were only compatible with the previous 30-pin connector. Now, musicians can finally update their iOS devices to those with the Lightning connector as […]

JBL Brings Five New Audio Accessories To CES

[CES 2013] If you’re looking for some new audio accessories in your life this year, especially if you’re the owner of an iOS device with a Lightning connector, then you might want to take a look at the lineup JBL will be bringing to CES next week. The products JBL will be showing off at CES range in use and price, such as the JBL Charge, which is a Bluetooth speaker […]

Griffin Charge/Sync Cables Feature Lightning Connector

Griffin Technology has announced a new range of Lightning cables that range anywhere from as short as two feet, all the way to 3 meters, and you can opt to have them in coiled and straight – depending on your needs, where they will be made available from next week onward. This will be the first batch of third party charge/sync cables from Griffin Technology that will boast of Apple’s […]

JBL Lightning-Enabled Speaker Docks Revealed

Folks who picked up the iPhone 5 should know that with this latest smartphone from Cupertino, there would be plenty more money flowing out from your pockets as you start to look out for new accessories that will take advantage of the Lightning connector on your iPhone 5. Well, audio specialist JBL does not want you to wait too long, having just announced the first wave of Lightning-enabled speaker docks […]

Belkin is first off the blocks with decent third-party Lightning accessories

Reception towards the new Lightning connector is a mixed bag of goodies, where it was released in conjunction with the iPhone 5, and not everyone embraced yet another different kind of proprietary connector as this would mean they will have to purchase adapters as well as upgrade their accessories collection should they decide to jump aboard the iPhone 5 bandwagon. In particular, the Lightning 8-pin plug came with an authentication […]

Lightning-to-USB cable works like a charm

China might be labeled as the world’s supermarket in the eyes of some, but they do come up with some pretty interesting devices from time to time, although it more often than not appears to be to the chagrin of some other companies where intellectual property is concerned. Well, it did not take far too long after the authentication chip inside Apple’s Lightning connectors had been cracked for knock-off cables […]