If you own a smartphone, one of the last places you’re going to want to put your device into is a toaster. We can’t deny that it sounds like a completely crazy time to toast the hell out of your smartphone, but considering how much damage it’ll receive in the process, we can see why most people would restrain themselves. But for some reason, designer Mike Charles couldn’t fight his urges, thus he created the Foaster.

The Foaster is a dock for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c that very much resembles a traditional toaster. The Foaster has a plastic body along with an aluminum trim and comes with two MFi-certified Lightning-to-USB cables to allow its user to charge a total of two iPhones at once. Unlike an actual toaster, the Foaster doesn’t allow you to slide down your iPhones to initiate a charge, nor will they pop up when they’re all toasty from its full battery. All you can do with the Foaster is slide your iPhones into one of the two provided slots, and proceed to charge your device in a cool-looking way.

The Foaster is currently looking for Kickstarter pledges to help it become an actual product. If you think having a toaster iPhone charger is something you need in your life, a $79 pledge will get you one, as long as they’re able to reach their $40,000 goal.

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