We know when it comes to photographers and videographers, getting the perfect angle at the perfect time is what drives them when they’re trying to capture their subject. But if someone wanted to capture video from something throwable, let’s say a football, the only way that may work is if you strap a camera to the football. Now, you could just buy the BallCam.

BallCam is exactly what it sounds like as it’s a football that’s been equipped with a camera inside of it, which means you’ll always get that spinning shot of being thrown from one person to another that you’ve always been looking for. But researchers have made it possible for the footage to be not as nauseating as you think it would be.

Algorithms in their football are able to recognize footage of the ground as the ball is spinning , which is then run through software that gets rid of all of that spinning nonsense and pieces together ground images. The result you can view in the video below, which is actually pretty good when you consider how fast the football is originally spinning.

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