Are you still at a loss on what NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD is all about? Fret not, we have a primer on the Tegra 4-powered Project SHIELD that should prove to be an entertaining read, but this time around, here is a new take on Project SHIELD when it comes to the game known as Borderlands 2.

Perhaps your mind and body are just plain tired after investing most of your energy into a marathon Badlands 2 session, or maybe your bladder is about to burst, but being the good soldier that you are, you do not want to abandon your post unless there is really, really an emergency that needs to be attended to. Regardless, you need not fret about losing precious gaming time any more due to a status change to “Away From Keyboard”, as Project SHIELD will let you continue gaming on your Android-powered mobile gaming device.

In the video above, a demo of Project SHIELD running the ‘Badass Crater of Badassitude’ level of Borderlands 2 from a GeForce-enabled PC is depicted, and you can be sure that the AFK status would take on new meaning for you and your gaming mates.

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