Chrome logoIf you deal with web applications, or are currently looking into such an endeavor, I think you would be stoked to hear that today’s Chrome stable release will introduce support for the Web Speech API that was originally discussed in January, where it will allow developers to take advantage of speech recognition capabilities into their web apps. Just in case you want to get a better idea on how integrated voice recognition in a web app would work and look like, there is this particular demonstration that should pique your attention.

The demonstration would show just how you can speak to the web app in order to compose an email from scratch, now how about that? Apart from that, today’s release will also do away with the silent extension installs in Chrome for Windows. There is one very good reason for doing to – this ensures that Chrome will remain fast and safe to use, making sure that your consent is required for every extension that is about to be installed on your computer. The auto-update feature would mean you need not actively seek out the update, as these enhancements will arrive as the release rolls out. Bear in mind that you need Chrome version 25 or later for this voice recognition API to work.

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