Google has been making quite the push to make its Chromebooks available to schools as they recently announced discounts for schools to pick up their own Chromebooks for $99 each until December 21. Today, Google is announcing 2,000 schools are using Chromebooks for Education around the world.

Google didn’t announce if its discount program had anything to do with the rise in Chromebooks being used in schools, but when you consider there were only 1,000 schools listed as using Chromebooks, then the math certainly adds up.

Along with today’s announcement, Google highlighted some of the schools that recently joined the Chromebooks for Education program that include Transylvania County Schools with 900 devices, St. Thomas Aquinas High School with 2,200 devices and Rocketship Education with 1,100 devices. If you’re currently attending any of those schools, you just received your shout-out for the day simply by helping your students learn with a Chromebook. You never see Apple give shout-outs for schools that buy their computers for their classrooms, do you?

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